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Bromheads Jacket - Dits From The Commuter Belt

General release data

Artist: Bromheads Jacket
Title: Dits From The Commuter Belt
Label: Marquis Cha Cha
Labelnumber: CHA CHA CD 001
Format: C (CD, Album, Dig)

Specific information of item offered

Price: £ 4.49
Media Condition: Very Good (VG)
Sleeve Condition: Very Good (VG)
Comment: [EUJ] Partially bent, lightly worn cardboard sleeve, many visible scratches on disc which are not audible.
Seller: EU
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Eurecords ID: A / 548896126
Data uploaded: 20180416
Kind of data: FORSALE
Trade possible: N
Discogs Listing: 548896126