Collection point for EU

05.02.2012 05:00
We offer the service of collecting items from fellow European sellers. This means that you can place all your orders at us, and we will obtain the goods for you. In that way you can save lots on communication and on postage expenses. We combine orders from different sellers so shipping costs from sellers to us will be low in the average. And shipping costs to you will also be low as well. We even offer free postage for EU order above 100 euros and for worldwide orders above 200 euros.

For this we raise the prices a little bit of the sellerlists which we carry in our catalogue in order to be able to order their goods, but it will still be much cheaper for you to order all through us if you want to order multiple items at once. When you know a seller who you would like us to add, please let us know. We will contact this seller with the question to send us a stocklist and we will add it to the website.